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Claire Collins

You may think that basement extensions are only for oligarchs in Kensington or Chelsea, but we’ve created basement rooms in family houses from Battersea to Barnes. For a growing family needing some extra space, a basement excavation can be the perfect solution, transforming an often neglected space into a new light and airy room.

For a basement conversion in London you’ll need to secure planning permission. Here at uvarchitects we’re experts on the London planning landscape and have secured planning permission for basement conversions all over the city, including in conservation areas.

Take a look at three of our favourite basement conversion projects below.

basement conversion

St James Drive

Not only do rooflights let natural light enter into a basement room, they also help to unify the house and create continuity between the upstairs and downstairs rooms. Extensive use of structural glass created a contemporary aesthetic for this project in Wandsworth, which was even recently featured in Ideal Home magazine.

basement conversion

Milman Road

For this project our clients wanted more space for a kids playroom. Unusually, we decided to place the access to the basement outside of the house in order to save on space and create something really modern. Because they are a young family, they didn’t want the basement to feel visually isolated from the rest of the house. A rooflight made it possible to look into the basement room through the kitchen, thereby making sure the parents were still able to keep an eye on their kids. This had access externally and internally and also housed a study, bedroom to the front, bathroom and utility room

basement conversion

Duke of Sutherland Pub

For this development project we negotiated space and planning restrictions to create six new flats on the site of an old pub. This pub had an ample basement which had been used to store barrels so we negotiated flood risk restrictions to excavate this space, adding another apartment in addition to the client’s original business plan.

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